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We occasionally have clients that come without a current host or are looking for a new host. So I have created this list of hosting companies that I have experience working with and have included my comments on each of them. I will do my best to be fair in representing each hosting company.


Do not use ValueWeb, newly merged now with Hostway. Their customer service has been pretty lously lately and their network administrators had a hell of a time figuring out how to renew an SSL certificate. Even their renewal function on their website was broken. Doh!

(updated 6/3/2009)


Though the price is different and remains a low-cost solution for smaller sites, the administration layout for this hosting company makes administration a headache. For the price, I think that other hosting solutions are better suited to administer a site, something smaller companies may be doing.

ADMIN CONSOLE: The admin console for this site is cumberson to deal with. It's not that intuitive, but does offer the basic features you would expect for a console.

(updated 1/2/2011)


ADMIN CONSOLE: XO offers some moderately priced hosting solutions. While their services are more expensive, their reliability as a hosting company justifies the cost if you have mission-critical website apps running. Their ANTI-SPAM filters for the mail works very well and offers a wide range of flexibility. The only downside is that you need to login to the webmail to delete the SPAM (Junkmail). It would be nice to automatically delete it. For one of my clients, this means that when the main contact is out of the country, I usually get notices that we are over the limit because so much spam comes into this person's Inbox.

As of 2nd Quarter 2004 XO divided their Spam filtering services into two tiers. The first tier provides a lower level of spam filtering for free. A significant amount of spam still gets through. If you want to upgrade to the Premiere spam filter, you will incur a small monthly fee. Too bad the Premium feature is what the service used to be. I haven't been particularly happy with this division of service.


The NeonZ Enterprizez website was hosted here from 2007 to 2009 after they purchased Our experience was decent and provided the basic functionality we needed.

There weren't many free add-on's available for our account, so we transitioned away from as part of a host consolidation plan.

ADMIN CONSOLE: The admin console for is decent and allows you the flexibility to manage multiple domains under one account.

(updated 1/2/2011)


.NET 2.0 Shopping Cart
Wow, this has got to be one of the best eCommerce packages I've seen in a while. Check it out. If you host your own server, install it and give it a try.